Getting started with DIGI2 Pro + DSP board

Just received a DIGI2 Pro and DSP add-on board. The eventual goal is to do some room correction, but to start with I'm just trying to get things basically working.

I started by installing just the DIGI2 Pro on a spare RPi2, booted up HiFiBerryOS, enabled Squeezelite, connected a DAC, and everything worked just fine. HiFiBerry appears as a player in the LMS web interface, and playing something works as expected.

Then I added the DSP board. During boot up, the green LED on the DSP board comes on, then goes out after a while. The player appears in the LMS web interface, but when anything played, there is no sound.
Also, playback via LMS behaves strangely - any attempt to pause just causes the currently playing track to seek back a few seconds.

I assume that the DSP card needs to be initialised in some way, but I can't see how I might go about doing this in the HiFiBerryOS web interface.

Sound > DSP Programs showed that DSP add-on version 11 is installed, and there was an option to install version 13. So I tried installing version 13, but that made no difference. (At some point during my fiddling about, the green LED on the DSP card came back on, but I didn't notice what caused it to do so).

My guess is that there's some simple step I need to take that's missing.

Is there a guide available that explains how to get the DIGI2 Pro with DSP board working?


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