DIGI2 PRO + DSP and Airplay issues

Hi Hifiberry-Team,

My setup:

I have a Digi2 Pro shield and an extra DSP-add-on shield mounted on top. I have a pair of active studio speakers connected via coaxial SPdif. 

Software Update says i am up-to-date with version 20210531. DSP version 13 is installed and active. 

i have two questions/issues:

1. When i want to start playing music from an iPhone via Airplay to the Hifiberry it always stops the music immediatelly after 1 second. Then i have to tap play a second time. Sometimes the music starts then, but sometimes i have to tap play even a third time!

Do you have any idea or solution for this?


2. The connected active speakers have an input detection. When they detect a signal they power up (and switch the input to coaxial IN) and when there's no signal they switch off after some time (and use the analog input instead). Now it seems that the coaxial digital out of the Digi2 Pro + DSP combination gives a signal (but silence) even if nothing is played via Airplay, which results in my speakers never sleeping / changing the input.

Any ideas or solution for that issue?

Kind regards,



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