A simple streamer to be connected to an external DAC,any suggestions?

Hi everyone,

Super noob issue, but since I'm not an IT/ DIY guy, I must confess that I'm overwhelmed with so much information on the net to go ahead with a streaming project, I wonder if you have been through this and have some pointers.

In an analog way to a HiFi system where you have the best sound possible as you decouple devices, I'm interetesed on having this set up for digital HiRes/HiFi music.

Have as music source either Tidal or Spotify. Qobuz is not available at the moment in my country, but it's a matter of time, and also from a usb drive /ssd or similar flac files in HiRes.

Have a streamer to connect the streaming services and the usb/ssd drives, I guess here it comes Raspberry pi 4, and one HiBerry soudcard with digital output, the one who ensures best digital audio out to be further decoded.

An external DAC, I want an affordable, but recognized great quality/value such as some ChiFi brands, like the Topping D90, or other options, like the schiit designed in CA.

An integreted amplifier, where the analog RCA or XLR outputs from the DAC sends clear beutiful HiRes sound.

So, this in theory, what I have understand so far,  can you share some thoughts if I'm totally wrong or not.


I would love to use my mobile to control the apps both to stream music from Tidal, Spotify, hopefully Qobuz, and select the USB inputs to play from the USB/ssd drives.


I don't think roon is in my list of software to use, since don't want to pay for a monthly membership using software.


Most noob question, do I need a HiBerry soundcard?, with/without DAC?, software?, case, which can hold everything?.. I appreciate any hints , 






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