How to power up Raspberry Pi 4 8Gb with HifiBerry Digi2 Pro

Hi, I just ordered the Hifiberry Digi2 Pro Hat to work together with a Raspberry Pi4 8Gb. Finally the Digi2 Pro should be connected digitally via spdif RCA to some Hypex FusionAmp 503 Ncore® amplifiers. As I understood the power supply shows some major impact on sound quality, so I ordered a linear power supply to give the system the best possible requirements. What I am worried about is how to connect the power supply to the Rasp and the Hat in the most suitable way. The linear power supply has two seperate 5V outputs, so I could power up the Rasp and the Hat with separate power lines - if this makes sense? As I want to give the Rasp & Hat unit some more cooling abilities, I would link them with a 40pin GPIO cable and place the boards seperately. Is there any advise for powering up the boards? Do I have to interupt the 5V connection wires from the 40pin GPIO - and how about the 3,3V connectors?
Kind regards from Germany


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