DAC+ DSP Not showing optical output in PulseAudio

Hello there.

I will start by saying I am extremely new to this, and am just trying to get something to work on my Raspberry Pi 4.


I bought a HifiBerry DAC+ DSP, for the sole purpose of TOSLINK passthrough with PulseAudio-level mixing of Bluetooth audio. 

I am using Raspbian (not HifiBerryOS), and it's basically a fresh install, the only thing I have done so far is https://www.hifiberry.com/docs/software/configuring-linux-3-18-x/

(With the only difference being I used this overlay)

I was hoping once I got the drivers up and running, I would have access to the TOSLINK input and output as PulseAudio sinks and sources so I can Mix it with a bluetooth input.


But unfortunately, I don't have access to a profile that let's me use the TOSLINK. 

I know this product is meant to be used with the DSP -- do I HAVE to interact with that part of the product to have access to the TOSLINK I/O? And if so, do I need to use HifiBerryOS to do this? I wouldn't even know where to start otherwise, though I would love to know how to do it manually (or how I am supposed to figure out how to use it manually)




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