problem with 3 raspberry Pi3B+ and Amp2 .

I have a problem with 3 raspberry Pi3B+ and Amp2 . After some time, the raspberry go to sleep after a few days or a few hours... And I don't have active WIFI anymore and restarts don't change anything.

I had done a first installation with volumio, then with max2play.
Surprisingly the first Pi installed alone did not go to sleep, but since the first Pi that I connected in WIFI, I have this problem of sleep even if I am connected in Ethernet...
After some research I found some indications to remove the sleep mode, but they don't seem to be adapted to the last versions of raspi.
10 days ago I started from scratch and installed HifiBerryOS on my 3 Pi with 3 different fixed IP.
It worked for 10 days and now I have 2 that are not visible on the network. The 3rd one works perfectly in pure WIFI.
I'm using these 3 IPs with Spotify's interface.
Otherwise the hat hiffiberry amp2 is really good with correct speakers...
Thanks for your help...


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