DAC+ DSP Questions

Hi Daniel,

I've just started experimenting with my new DAC+ DSP board on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ running HiFiBerryOS and ran into a couple of questions:

1. The Pi is connected to active speakers via the RCA output. Using Spotify Connect, http://hifiberry.local/#now-playing is correctly showing the song I'm currently playing but there's no audio coming from the speakers. Do I have to somehow assign audio output to the RCA connectors?

2. In the list of sources, there's no option for Bluetooth. How do I send audio via Bluetooth from my phone/computer?

3. I'm also planning to send audio from my TV via TOSLINK into to HiFiBerry's optical input and then to my speakers via the RCA output. Where do I assign the routing in HiFiBerryOS?

Many thanks


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