DSP board not working on my DAC2 HD

Hello, I received my DSP board.

After assembling DSP board on Raspberry Pi4 with DAC2 HD and fully reinstalling latest HiFiBerry OS from the site there are no DSP menu available in hifiberry os web panel.

DAC2 HD with DSP board plugged sounds normally but no DSP menu and no sound effects are available.

After second reinstalling OS and reassembling DSP board (unplug from DAC and plug again) sounds only a squeaks. DAC2 HD without DSP board sounds normally.

Please clarify how I can resolve this issue.


here is some info about my devices

# dsptoolkit get-meta detected_dsp

# /opt/hifiberry/bin/check-system
HiFiBerryOS version: 20210521
Pi model: 4
Sound card: DAC2 HD
Sound card ID: 0
Mixer: DAC
Features: pi bluetooth pi3orlater arm7 localui
Power controller: Error: Read failed
Error: Read failed
not detected
Linux version: Linux hifiberry 5.4.83-v7l #1 SMP Wed May 19 15:07:08 UTC 2021 armv7l GNU/Linux
Date and time: Wed May 26 15:29:35 EEST 2021
/data mounted: OK
/dev/dri/card0: OK
BT devices: hci0 - Cypress Semiconductor (305)
WiFi devices: wlan0
audiocontrol2: running
beocreate2: running
bluetooth: running
bluealsa: running
bluealsa-aplay: running
dlnampris: not running
mpd: running
pigpio: running
raat: not running
shairport-sync: running
sigmatcp: running
snapcastmpris: not running
spotify: running
squeezelite: not running
sshd: running
ympd: running
weston: not running
cog: not running


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