HifiberryOS loosing NAS after reboot

Hi, I am having some troubles with (permanent) connecting to my NAS for local playback:
Hardware: PI3B with HiFiBerry DAC+ PRO  
I cannot add my nas via UI, it shows up but after configuring it won't be available.

when I change to...
(found that code here: https://www.hifiberry.com/docs/hifiberryos/hifiberryos-handling-local-music-libraries/)
...it works but after restart the NAS is unavailable again and the smbmounts.conf lacks the additional version string again.
Then In the local music player why is the "Songs" menu on the left pane not working? I can browse by Album or Artist, but Songs is not clickable...(I tried with a testshare only containing properly tagged flac files)
Otherwise it's looking good, congrats, coming from Moode.


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