HiFiBerryOS pi0w not working

Hi, I've just got a RPI Zero W (and a DAC+ Zero for it).

I've dd-ed HiFiBerryOS image onto my SD card. The system boots up, seems to get stuck at "Starting DSP server" (if I recall correctly). Nothing happens, then it reboots. Next round it configures itself an IP for the docker network interface (in the 172.16/12 range). Then no WiFi network is created Sometimes I am able to log in as root, but sometimes it seems to just get stuck.

Raspbian is working just fine with WiFi on etc so I think we can rule out an issue with the RPI, the power supply, or the SD card.

Where can I find an older image for the pi0w? The one that I have tried is hifiberryos-20210203-pi0w.img. Or, am I able to install HiFiBerryOS from Debian by just adding/replacing some repos and installing some packages?

Thank you.


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