Send Serial Message to NAD C356BEE amplifier

Hi all

I would like to use my RPi 4B + HifiBerry DAC2 to control the NAD C356BEE amplifier which has an RS232 port for control. I wanted to use Interaction with HifiberryOS for this purpose. I activated the UART:
and from the command line send the command to NAD:
echo -en "\ rMain.Power = Off \ r"> / dev / ttyAMA0
echo -en "\ rMain.Power = On \ r"> / dev / ttyAMA0
The commands effectively turn the amplifier on and off.
Expected commands syntax by NAD:
<CR>Main.Power = Off<CR>

I was unable to apply these commands to HifiBerryOS Interactions. Nothing gets done.

Anyone have idea how should this comment be entered in the "Send Serial Message" field?

Do you know how to listen what is send by OS Interaction?

Thank you for the hint


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