Raspberry Pi3 B+ & HifiBerry DAC2 Pro & HiFiBerryOS but no sound

Just purchased a new HifiBerry DAC2 Pro, which I've installed on to a RaspPi3 B+ with 7-inch  touchscreen, running the latest version of HiFiBerryOS. Actually,  I first tried piCorePlayer, as I've had an LMS ecosystem for years, but was unable to get any sound to come out, either through the headphone jack or the RCA connection, and figured that if it worked with HiFiBerryOS I'd be able to rule out any hardware issues. Unfortunately, it does not. Relevant points to consider:

1) HiFiBerryOS identified the board as a DAC+/AMP2, although it is a DAC2 Pro. However, I don't recall anywhere during the setup process where it asked me to specify the board.

2) Running HiFiBerryOS, I am able to connect from my phone via bluetooth, and when playing music off an attached thumb drive the album art is displayed, however no sound comes out either through the headphone connector or the RCA jacks.

3) It was suggested elsewhere on this forum to check that the HAT board is properly seated, and that the power supply is adequate. The board is completely seated, and I've tried two separate 2.5 amp power supplies, to no effect.

4) I've placed the hifiberry-debug.zip file on Google drive, and can be retrieved via the following link:


5) Looking at the dmesg output, I see repeated error messages: "snd-rpi-hifiberry-dacplus soc:sound: ASoC: failed to init link HiFiBerry DAC+: -517", so clearly something isn't right.

Could this be a hardware issue, or is there a configuration change I can make via ssh?

Thank you.


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