Set sample rate DAC+ADC(Python)

Hello everybody,

I want to make an echo sounder for my boat. I bought HifiBerry DAC + ADC. I have several questions arose.

How to change Sample Rate for DAC+ADC? I made several oszillogramm and did not notice any changes with the increase in the sample rate. :( 

The code and pictures can be viewed on the github.

karu2003/HiFiBerry_test (github.com)

Question two.

I have a working Echo Sounder AFE. It has a differential output. How to connect differential output to HiFiBerry DAC+ADC? P6???

How to configure ALSA for differential input. Can HifiBerry raise the sample rate to 192K?

Question three.

I want to make an adapter board for AFE. Where to find the drawing of the board from HifiBerry with coordinates P5 and P6. Maybe you have a template for CAD.



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