My Cloud EX2 Ultra NAS music source "unavailable"

[edit: seems to be 'solved' by entering the IP address of my NAS manually]

After selling my first Digi+ board a few months ago and using direct USB connection to my DAC for a while, I now got the Digi2 Pro board to be able to try out HiFiBerry OS instead of Volumio :)

However, I'm having issues trying to add my NAS music directory as a source. Each time I add this directory, it says "Unavailable".

My music is stored on a separate share "Apple Music" - which is also the music library for my MacBook. The actual music is stored in the directory Apple Music/Media/Music. I configured my NAS to use SMB version 3 & NFS for this share.

I tried adding both the specific path to the media files, as well as the root of the "Apple Music" share.

I'm on the latest version 20210408

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