HiFiBerry OS - iOS 14 and Airplay

Hi Folks,

I have a new RPi 4 8GB wherein I just burned the latest image of HiFiBerry OS onto the SD Card.  The OS setup and runs, but I am having issue with the OS specifically responding to my 2 iPhone running IOS 14.x

  1. the http://xxxx.local web interface will not load on the iPhone.  It connects, but gets stuck loading.

    I see someone else here had experienced this issue.
  2. Airplay from the iPhone will not connect - the iPhone can see the RPi in the list of available Airplay devices, but it fails to connect while sending music to it. (Bluetooth works)

    However, I can use Airplay from both of my MacBook's to the RPi without issue.   Sadly I do not have an older iOS version to compare with.

I am running the latest revision of HiFiBerry OS and I SSH'd into the RPi and ran the "--experimental" update to see if there was another version that might address this (there was not one I could see).

In testing, I also installed the latest build of Volumio and Airplay worked from all devices (iPhones and Macbook)

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Best regards,

- J.


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