Inquiry about DAC+ DSP for Room Acoustic Correction

Hello and good day,

I've been looking into getting a DAC+ DSP, although I have a question that I cannot find anywhere regarding the DSP board, as well as HiFiBerry...

I have recently installed a speaker system in the bedroom, although need to apply some room correction, due to a fairly boomy frequency on the lower end that need some manual tweaking.  I don't have any kind of a higher-end amplifier like my Yamaha RX-V3900 in the living, just a simple 2 channel 100w per channel amplifier (which unfortunately only has Bass/Treble adjustments, it's quite basic but that is not sufficient to properly correct the EQ issue.)

I understand a Raspberry Pi running HiFiBerry and a DAC+DSP would be the perfect solution to have the web based interface to easily adjust and tweak the EQ to my exact preferences, although my question is, can I use the Raspberry Pi with a secondary USB Soundcard for the input?  The device that I have hooked up that requires tuning only has analogue output, and besides trying to find an RCA -> Toslink adapter just to get it to work directly with the DAC+ DSP, I have been unable to find any information about using the DAC+ DSP to process a source other than it's own Toslink input.

Can anyone some assistance or suggestions?



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