DAC2 Pro sounds different (default equalizer?)

Hello everyone,

I just installed my new DAC2 Pro on a Raspberry Pi 4b running Raspberry Pi OS. After installing PulseAudio Volume Control, I managed to get sound output running. That is when I noticed that the Pi / DAC2 Pro sounds different from all my other devices.

All my music playback devices (PC, Laptops, Phones) attached to the same speaker sound the same. Not so with the DAC2 Pro. Music coming from the Pi seems too strong in the lows and weak in the highs. More specifically, voices sound weak and far away while bass seems stronger to the point where the speaker can't handle it (which never happended on my other devices).

To be clear: it does not sound broken. There are no distortions, no crackling or similar problems. It just does not sound like I would expect it to.

My current best guess is that this is the result of something like an equalizer (I don't have much of a clue of audio technology), but I don't understand why the default would be so "weird". Anybody got an idea on how I can fix this?


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