Digi+Pro great improvement in sound over Squeezebox Classic

Just switched out my trusted Squeezebox Classic to a RPI3/Digi+ Pro with the RPI swithed power supply.

After using BeoCreate/RPI4 with another set of speakers, the limited access with Squeezebox just became too old fashioned.

I had been using the SPDIF input of my Beolab 5 all along, so I had not anticipated any changes in sound quality. Hey it's a digital signal, so what could change? I actually listened to the Classic vs Transporter as the dealer lent me both before deciding on the Classic. I did not detect any audible difference at the direct comparison.

Well, I was in for a surprise, the RPI3/Digi+ Pro set is a great combi, with much better audio quality. Thanks for the good work!


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