AMp+ 1.0 mounted on Rasppi4B combinded I2C+Onewire access

I want mount an old Amp+ 1.0 amplifier on a Raspi4B (Noobs installation).
Additional I must use some peripherals, I2C and onewire Bus is a must have.
On software side runs a soft SPS (Codesys), Kodi and/or VLC
=> are there any restrictions or important topics to know?
=> did I get an address conflict on I2C side?
=> if yes, which addresses must be "fixed out"?
=> do you have an installation guided "How to install for dummies" (including the configurations)
=> in case of any known trouble which workaround must be done?
=> exist there a possiblity for remote control (volume, on/off, ...)
=> I want do it from the softSPS side (Codesys) in context of a home control environmental

thx a lot


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