HifiBerryOS looses connection to Roon

I got me a RP4 / DAC2 HD bundle last week and today my headphone amp and headphone arrived so I could try it out.

Installation went fine, but in about two hours HiFiBerry lost connection to Roon four times. It suddenly vanishes from the Roon server's Audio settings list as Roon ready device (it stays as an AirPlay device).

I can interact with the device's website. When I switch Roon as source off and on again, it reappears as a device on the server.

The connection is via LAN. I had WiFi turned on as well, turned it off in the hope to stop the stopping, but to no avail.

HiFiBerryOS 20210408, RasberryPi 4, DAC2 HD, 32 GB SD Card

Roon 1.8 on macOS

The Roon core and the HiFiBerry are connected to the same switch. I did not change anything in the OS besides the root password.

Any hints about what to do?

Thank you




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