Anyone using Witty Pi power control board outhere with HiFiBerry HATS?


I just ordered a Witty Pi3 II from pihut. The goal is to handle better boot/shut down, as the RemotePi seems to be incompatible with the HiFiBerry Hats (no web page available, no ssh possible, Ethernet leds blinking like mad. Don't know what's happening, so no RemotePi board to handle power and IR, sadly).

The WittyPi board is using I2C pins, addresses 0X68 and 0X69 for communication and eeprom id. 

I'd like to know if this will conflict with HiFiBerry HATs I have, namely DAC2 HD with DSP add-on and DAC+ DSP.

Does someone from HiFiBerry can comment on this I2C usage by your HATs?

Thanks already,



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