DAC2 HD + DSP: noise after boot


I experience continuous noise after each reboot, until I play something (radio/local music).

What I did is this:

Boot RPI4 + DAC2 HD + DSP with fresh HiFiBerry OS (last 20210203), setup everything, plugged the HB microphone, took a measurement (program V13 installed), made some room corrections, choose one and pushed it into the DSP eeprom.

reboot everything under Moode audio (DAC2 HD added properly into MoOde, SPI available (tested with lsmod | grep spi_), DSPtoolkit installed (sudo pip3 install --upgrade hifiberrydsp and then bash <(curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hifiberry/hifiberry-dsp/master/install-dsptoolkit) and dsptoolkit working and responding)), and then I have noise, until I play something. After that it's ok...

What can be done? what should I have done under HiFiBerry OS before switching back to Moode? is there a dsptoolkit command (auto mute source when no signal coming in?)

Thanks :-)



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