Restoring Factory EQ Settings with beocreate.

Hi all,

I am very new to this and I am not having any luck, I built up some speakers and I can't use them.

It would seem that I have corrupted the factory B&O speaker presets and I can not set any parameters at all, if I go to set gain I see question marks where numbers were previously, "add" filter is grey and not selectable.

I had to turn the unit off when I was adjusting some settings as the cursor disappeared, this has happened on numerous occasions.
I have a Pi4 and have reloaded HiFiBerry OS multiple times, also tried a new card but nothing has helped, I get a message along the lines of- data on the amplifier system is damaged.


I did manage to get to write to the beo in Sigma Studio and then had a look at it in the HiFiBerry browser and the settings were different, I tried to adjust them but the cursor disappeared again when I tried to save.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, I am however pretty useless with computers.



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