No sound from dac+ zero

I did some soldering with the GPIO pins on the ZeroW.

First it worked, after a second soldering session it did not work any more.

The pins required for the DAC+ Zero are?

- Any one of the 3,3 V pins, any 5 V pin, any ground pin

- GPIO 18-21, which is pins 12,35,38,40. What is the exact use of each of those pins?

- Pins 23+24 for the automatic detection Eeprom ?

The Hifiberry works fine on my non-modified Raspberry 3B with the SD-card from the zeroW.

On the Pi3 and ZeroW the Hifiberry is only detected if I add the dtoverlay entry to /boot/config.txt Didn't it work earlier without that?

On the zero playback works, but I don't hear anything.

The DAC Zero does not have any hardware volume control, so it's totally fine that alsamixer doesn't display any controls.

I electrically checked the power pins, they are connected. (at least pins 1 & 2, and Gnd 25,30,34,39)

So I got two ideas left:

- sound is muted somehow

- My soldering of the GPIO pins broke something. That's why I would like to know more details about GPIO 18-21 so I can check using the oszillograph.


thanks for any help


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