Suggestion for further products: RCA not presoldered!


I would like to suggest this mod to the future to come HATs:

I'd like the RCA connectors NOT to be presoldered, as they are not especially well placed on the side. One could sometimes prefer to have it on top of the USB and Ethernet plugs. 

It could be helpful to have two soldering pads provided on the board, and the RCA connectors coming unsoldered with the board, so one could decide to solder them where they currently are, or alternatively solder them at the right of the GPIO connector, or even solder wires to deported RCA connection fixed to a box.

This would offer much more flexibilty to integrate the boards in a final build, instead of being stuck with only one solution, that is usually quite cumbersome to place (the usual Rpi build with wires coming in and out to and fromm all the faces of the box, as charming as it is from a geek point of view, it's not the easiest solution in real life ;-)).

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