DAC2 HD and DSP module GPIO pin use with another board (RemotePi)


I have ordered the DSP add-on module to place on top of the DAC2 HD.

I'm using the DAC2 HD with MoOdeAudio without any problem. I also integrated the MSL Digital RemotePi board to manage power ON/OFF and IR remote control (ON/OFF instructions are handled directly by the RemotePi IC and communication between the Raspberry and the RemotePi are on gpio_pin 14 and 15, the other IR remote commands are passed to lirc management by default on gpio_pin 18). And I managed yesterday to integrate the RemotePi board with HiFiBerry OS alternatively in prevision of the DSP module use, and it's working too :-).

following the recommandations of MSL Digital on their website, I switched the gpio pin that transport IR commands information from gpio_pin 18 to gpio_pin 17, for HiFiBerry HATs use the 18.

Now I see that the DSP module is using gpio_pin 17, 22 and 27 too, at least on the DAC DSP and on the Beocreate board, so I'll have to move the IR remote command transport gpio_pin from 17 to another (maybe 23, I'll see)?

I would like to know what is precisely the situation for the DSP module used on the DAC2 HD as this is not described specifically in the pins out of the DSP module.

Thanks for your feedback on this




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