Query about QOBUZ transmission problem

I am very happy with the result that the HIFIBERRY DIGI2 PRO board is giving me and now I am going to add the two orders I have made, a DSP add-on board and a microphone to calibrate the sound. So far so good in sending music with a DLNA server installed on my computer. But now I want to take advantage of my QOBUZ subscription to send HIRES content via DLNA to my HifiBerry system and my negative surprise is that both sending from the PC and from the Android mobile application is not possible with QOBUZ this does not find, does not see the HifiBerry system as a device to send content to, for example, the Spotify application on the phone if it finds HifiBerry without problem and sends content. The problem with Spotify is that it doesn't stream high quality music and QOBUZ does. The question I ask is whether by modifying HiFiBerryOS it would be possible for QOBUZ to see and stream content to our HfiBerry system.
Many of us would be very grateful and happy if you could solve this problem.
Thank you


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