DAC+ADC no input but output works and I see capture device at 100 in alsamixer.

I just got a new HiFiberry DAC+ADC that I'm using with a Pi 4 8GB and fresh raspberry pi 32 bit os with jackd, guitarix, and audacity installed.

I have followed the guide to set up the HAT editing my boot/config and I now have only 1 sound device the snd_rpi_hifiberry_dcaplusadc

This is the only output and capture device shown when arecord -l and play -l

alsamixer shows the input as CAPTURE after following the guide. previously it said something else. ok great this input should work now let's fire up Audacity.

Ok, right device: ALSA and card and hit record and NOTHING. This mic works because I can use it on the up with my 50ms USB sound card just fine.

What could be wrong? The input device shows up now and is at 100 but audacity can't capture any sound.
I saw in HiFiBerry OS that they had to enable the analog input first. Do I also have to do that in Raspbian?


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