Internet radio - nice and simple

I bought a Kef UniQ "egg" (KHT2005) from eBay for £15. It has a handy bolt at the back which I used to fix a Pi Zero WH and a Mini Amp on to. I've installed PiCorePlayer and run it with LMS on a separate server. It is used almost exclusively as a radio (speech) in the kitchen.

I run it in mono - only one channel connected. Being rather inexpert, I needed community support to get the mono mix right. As usual, I got great support and everything is now rock-solid and sounds great.

I like the size of this set-up (small) and that it runs off a standard RPi power wall wart.

Occasionally, I try to blast some music and (only) then I wish for a little more power. The Kef is rated up to 100w but is not super efficient and although the mini amp is ample for speech, I like my music a bit louder!

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