Is Digi2 Pro right for me? (docker LMS digi input)


I´ve just seen the new Digi2 board and I am hoping it solves my problem:

I have a DAC+ XLR running HifiberryOS for Music and would like this to play my TV sound as well.

I have a seperate RPI 4 that could take the Digi2 Pro and DSP board to take the sound from the TV.

Does the Digi2 Pro work with LMS as optical input to stream to my HifiberryOS devices?

My LMS runs in a docker and the RPI for it won´t be able to run HifiberryOS as it has to use RaspberryPiOS for other reasons.

When I load a DSP profile, will it remain in the DSP or is it only loaded when using HifiberryOS?





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