DAC+DSP audio stutter-slowdown on fast beat music

Hadware is:
Raspberry Pi 4B 2GB + original power supply (all bought from hifiberry)

Problem is some kind of slowdown-stutter on fast paced music, on all type of files (flac, mp3), played from usb or streaming on raspberry, or from PC via optical spdif. Problems are more present on flac.

First tried with picoplayer(LMS+squeezelite), there was a lot of "stutter", always on same spot in same music track.
Then tried with HIFIberry OS, there was noticeable less stutter but still on same spots (95% less).
Next tried with MoodeAudio, there was also lot of stutter, which I managed to reduce a lot by increasing buffer to max value in moodeaudio settings (but still more stutter then on HIFIberry OS).

At the end I tried playing with sound card on Raspberry from Moodeaudio (from usb and optical) and there was no stutter that I could detect.

Is this some kind of buffering or timing problem, because audio is not stopping completely or stuttering, some kind of weird slowdown (same tracks on PC are played normally).

But when playing some slow music it can go a long time before any slowdown-stutter is noticeable.


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