DAC+DSP Stutter at Low Volume

Hey there,

I recently set up a Raspberry 4b with a DAC+DSP HAT. I use a  piCorePlayer-6.1-Installation (Squeezelite + LMS) on the Pi to stream music and connected the RCA-Output to my receiver / integrated amp. Everything is working so far and I'm quite happy with it. But after a few days I recognised, that the music is stuttering at low volume. So everytime there is a short pause or the music turns to extremely low volume for a split second, the music actually "stops" and "starts" again, which results in an audible "music start delay" or "stutter".

I hope you understand what I mean. It almost seems like the output-current is too low to drive the amplifier. But I also can see the green light on the board turn off and on again, everytime the music stops and starts. So i'm pretty sure, the board stops working for a split second. But I can't find a way to avoid this. 

Have you ever heard of similar issues? Any ideas where I should start searching? I would really appreciate some advice.

Thanks in advance and best regards,



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