Integrating hifiberry into vintage BO amplifier?

I've just got my hands on a pair of mint S45-2's and have started considering my amp needs. There are a few options for me, that I'd like some input on.

First, a little background on my intended usage:

  • Listening to music / radio via Airplay / Spotify
  • Using the speakers to support the audio on my TV-set,  using either HDMI/SPDIF connection from my TV
  • My TV has HDMI/SPDIF/Phono out, so I've got a lot of options here
  • If I would be able to use my TV-remote for volume control, it would be awesome, but not a definitive requirement

The options I've been considering

  • Getting a vintage Beomaster, and integrating a Hifiberry + needed hats into the chassis
  • Connecting an external Hifiberry to one of the inputs on the BO, using it as an amplifier
  • Building an external Hifiberry (with an AMP-hat), and skipping the Beomaster completely.
  • A nice feature would al

What option would you consider as optimal for my usage (I don't consider the time and DIY as a problem, more of an interesting challenge)

Are there options that I haven't mentioned that should be explored?

So, to my main question, what addons would I need for these setups?


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