Digi+ Pro dropouts wih RME ADI-2 DAC

Hello everyone,

my chain (for incredible sound) is:

M-Connect on a Samsung Tablet for using Tidal
HifiBerry 4 with Digi+ pro

I have also dropouts like described in another thread.

I tried already:

- The App: MConnect says, their app couldn't be the source of the problem because the app is only transmitting the Tidal-link to HifiBerry.
- Same problem with BubbleUPNP

- Tried different LAN connections for the HifiBerry, even wired

- All HifiBerry updates installed

- Used optical cable instead coax (see other thread with grounding problems)

- I tried also Volumio to be sure, it's not a undetected HifiBerry-Problem.

The dropouts are coming in different time intervals and are lasting different long (5 - 30 seconds). Sometimes 10 dropouts in 30 minutes, sometimes 1 in 30 minutes.

It seems, the music is streamed correctly by tidal but I can't hear anything. And: I see in MConnect, the time-slider is moving back and forth when a dropput occurs.

So assume, the problem is between tidal and the HifiBerry-Hardware because of the moving time-slider in MConnect?

Is there maybe any buffering-problem?

What can I do?





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