DAC+ but AMP2 not recognised in RPi4

Hardware used:

Raspberry Pi4(1), Raspberry Pi4(2), Raspberry Pi3

AMP2(1), AMP2(2), DAC+


Run Raspberry Pi4(2)-AMP2(2)


two AMP2 stop being recognised by the Raspberry Pi4(1) and Raspberry Pi3 after being plugged into the Raspberry Pi4(2).

However, the DAC+ can still be recognised in all Raspberry Pis


During setup I used Raspberry Pi4(1)-AMP(2) which was working fine. After that, I move the SD from Raspberry Pi4(1) to Raspberry Pi4(2) and place the AMP2(2) together (Raspberry Pi4(2)-AMP(2)) which it didn't work (SOUND CARD NOT RECOGNISED). To my surprise, the AMP(2) was not working anymore also in the previous settings (Raspberry Pi4(1)-AMP(2)) when I tried to revert the problem.

Then I repeated the same procedure with the AMP2(1). And I got the same output. After the AMP2(1) was attached to the Raspberry Pi4(2), the AMP2(1) was not recognised anymore for any of the other Raspberry Pi4 and 3.

Insteresting enough, when I place a DAC+ in the Raspberry Pi4(2) works just fine.


All Raspbery Pis have the same configuration. #dtparam=audio=on and dtoverlay=hifiberry-dacplus

when adding the line dtdebug=1 to the config.txt I get the following

[ 8.874115] snd-rpi-hifiberry-dacplus soc:sound: ASoC: failed to init link HiFiBerry DAC+: -517

 What might be causing the problem?

Is there a way to retreive the functionality of the two AMPs?

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