DAC2 Pro sound distortion?

Hi, first post here, just looking for some advice really.

I’ve recently set up an RPi4B with a HiFiBerry DAC2Pro HAT primarily to function as a Tidal Connect endpoint linked into my main HiFi. 
I’ve created an image with dietpi OS (would’ve used HiFiBerry OS but no way of installing the Tidal Connect streamer I could find so I had to give up on that one). It boots, it works, I can select it as a Tidal Connect device and stream music. 
I’ve tweaked the digital out volume to under 90% and taken off the boost, but when I listen closely I can hear two ‘artefacts’ that I don’t know are normal or something I need to tweak somewhere.

The most notable is a kind of fuzziness to the mid-frequencies that sounds like distortion but at lower volumes. This is pretty continuous and ruins it for me as an audio source.
I’ve also noticed what I can only describe as a kind of high speed warbling in the sound from time to time. Like a frequency modulation of some kind. 

I am a bit stumped as to what to look at. Is this normal for DAC2Pro? Should I be returning it and buying something else? I can hear the same things with headphones plugged in to the board as with RCA connection so it’s not the amp. 
Its my first RPI project, are there any utilities I can use as a ‘gold standard’ to work out what bit of the signal chain is bad?


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