Dac2 Pro - crackle at start of track with HiFiBerryOS

I just built a new "Squeezebox replacement" using the RPi 4 and DAC2 Pro.  It's been quite an adventure!  I first tried using piCorePlayer, but choosing the DAC2 option caused the squeezeplay functionality to crash. Obviously, not good.  So, I switched to HiFiBerryOS, and now I'm getting decent sound...except that I get a crackle when I start playing a piece.  Really annoying, and not usable.  I see elsewhere that some people have had this trouble with using the DAC2 Pro when using it as a Roon endpoint (which I'm not) and when switching sampling rates (this happens, for me, with standard Redbook).  I also notice those other complaints being about pops between tracks, but this doesn't seem to happen between tracks, just at the start of the first track.  Does anyone have a workaround for this?  I'm pleased with the sound from the DAC2 Pro so far, but, if there's no fix for this issue, I'm going to have to return it and get another DAC that doesn't have this problem.  (I'm also curious why the piCorePlayer - the latest 7.0.0, incidentally - couldn't seem to play nicely with this particular DAC, when I picked it from their drop-down menu.)


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