Digi+ Pro RPI 3B Roon Bridge No Sound - Solved

Hi All, first time poster, been using Hifiberry Digi+ Pro on RPI 3B for nearly a year now with Rune (not ROON) with great success.  It is connected to an Emotiva TA-100 via Coax. My TA-100 is connected to a miniDSP which is then connected to an Emotive A-300 and a Rythmik L12

Yesterday I wanted to add Hi-res streaming via Tidal or Qobuz, so Rune is no longer an option, but I believe ROON is if I change my RPI 3B with Digi+ Pro into a ROON Bridge.

I set up my Mac as a Roon Core, flashed my RPI SD card with HiFiBerry OS and set it up as a Roon Bridge over Wi-Fi (also tried it via Ethernet). Everything looks good.  Roon Core sees the Roon Bridge, all my music shows up, and the TA-100 even displays the correct bit-rate.  But, there is no sound.

At first, I found out my miniDSP came unplugged when I was working on the RPi.  I thought, DOH, that's an easy fix!!  So, I turned everything off, plugged the miniDSP back in and powered everything back on, to no avail...  Still no sound.  Still see the bit rate display on the TA-100, still see the music "playing" on the Roon Core screens.  I also see the track playing on the HiFiBerry/Local webpage.

Anyone else experience this? Is it because the TA-100 isn't "Roon Ready", meaning it will really only work in my case with a HiFiBerry DAC and not a Digi? Or is it some parameter in the HiFiBerry OS?

***Update*** I reverted the RPi back to Rune and sound is working again.  So, Roon not working is not a hardware issue - well, not a "I shorted out the HAT or RPi or TA-100 DAC" issue.


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