Amp2 Not Working With 18V Power Supply in Headless Mode

Hi all,

I bought the Amp2 last week and got it setup this week with my Raspberry Pi 3B+ and the latest Hifiberry OS. However, the 18v / 3.3A power supply doesn’t power up the device so that it’s visible on my network. A single Raspberry Pi LED comes on, but no LEDs light up on the Amp2 board, and the device isn’t visible from my iPad.

I finally got it to work by connecting a 7” Rpi screen which required using the Rpi 5V PS, and now I can see “Hifiberry” on the network, I can view the Hifiberry OS on-screen, and can stream from my iPad to the Rpi/ Amp2 no problem.

But in headless mode I.e. no screen connected, using only the 18v PS, I cannot get the Amp2 / Rpi to show up on the network even though the Rpi LED comes on. It’s as if there isn’t sufficient power getting to the Amp2/ Rpi.

Any suggestions to get it working with the single 18v PS?


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