DAC+ DSP Is Not Correctly Recognized


I'm having a heck of a time getting this DAC+ DSP board working. At one point, all I needed to do was change /boot/config.txt and load on the DSP profile, but now the DSP board does not seem to be functioning correctly as well. I am using HifiBerryOS on a Raspberry Pi 4. I am using the optical input and optical output.

I loaded on the OS as-is, and changed /boot/config.txt to have dtoverlay=hifiberry-dacplusdsp at the end. I then rebooted, loaded on a DSP profile via ssh, and I still do not get any output.

When I go to Sound-> DSP in the HifiBerryOS menu, I get no options, but some statement telling me that HifiBerryOS supports a variety of DSP controls as: .... When I go into Sources and select Optical Input, it says the Optical input status can't be determined with the current DSP program.

I've also tried Bluetooth and NAS sources to see if I get any output, which I do not.

Any ideas? Thanks


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