DAC2 HD setup

Hi there, i just got into building my own Streamer using a Pi4 and a DAC2 HD connected to an Accuphase Amp. I want to use this setup to stream local FLAC files from my network, but mostly from Tidal HiFi.

I tried different OS for the Pi (Volumio & Ropieee) and also different Apps (Volumio & Roon).

So far i'm not really happy with the way this setup sounds and i was wondering if it might be a settings issue. 

1. Since i want to use mostly my Amps Volume Controls i was wondering what setting to use for the Pi? Set it to 100% or 50%? Does it even make a difference?

2. are there any other settings to improve sound quality? 

3. Is it possible to attach a 2nd HAT or maybe a USB device to have a TosLINK Input on the Pi that then gets put out throu the DAC2 HD?

best regards


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