Beocreate 30w channels distorted

I am using the setup a bit unconventionally with a dual 6.5" 4ohm sub I built on the 60w channels, and a pair of sony 2 way bookshelf speakers as mains. I can run those mains on my standard amp and they sound fine, 6ohm. Set a crossover at 200hz, and the sub channels behave as expected. The Sony channels however, sound like clipping at any output level. I tried backing down the channel gains in the gui, set the main output at about 50%, bluetooth source output volume to 50%, sub hits solid without distortion - mains sound crunchy and horrible. I am a bit intimidated by sigma studio, I may just have something wrong in the gain structure on those channels, and this could be an easy fix. But I hate to risk breaking things.... . 

Has anyone else faced a distortion issue at ay volume out of the 30w channels?


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