I've fried two Amp2s

I have HiFiberry products attached to Raspberry Pis in every room of the house (2x Beocreates, 3x Amp2s). Twice now, I appear to have fried the Amp2 that is on my desk (no lights come on when plugging in the power). The first time I thought I had accidentally shorted something, but the second time appeared to just happen randomly at night. In both cases, the 24v/3A power was plugged in to a surge-protected bus (and I'm using 8 ohm Jamo S 803s). It's strange that both happened on the same Raspberry Pi, but it's a brand new Pi4 (same as the others), so it seems like a spurious correlation.

Is there anything I might be missing? The 24V seemed fine on the other Amp2s, given I'm running 8 ohm, but maybe it's not appropriate here? I note that plugging in the 24V PSUs tends to create sparks... the PSU brand is "Alitove" (common on Amazon).


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