Master speaker volume low

Hi, be kind to give a little advice on this;

Setup is two upcycled RL 6000, with beocreate 4 + rasp pi 4B and HIFIberryOS v.. 20210203.
Each speaker is initially preset as single speaker with the sound profile for RL 6000 uploaded to the beocreate amp. Running them as single speakers, both speakers sounds identical and as intended.

To do the desired stereo setup, the speakers is now chained, following the OS setup with a TOSLINK cable (leaving the rasp pi on top of the beocreate in the master speaker).

Things now work in stereo, with one exception: The master speaker does not quite have the same volume and dynamic as the slave speaker.

I have tried the following to resolve:

1) Swapped the speaker roles (moving the PI to the other beocreate/speaker), so slave speaker now becomes master and vice versa. Result: The problem follows the master speaker. The master speaker has less volume and dynamic/vivid sound.

2) Swap output L/R in the OS channel setup - result: the L/R channels are indeed swapped, but the master speaker has still less volume and dynamic sound.

3) Checked jumper settings on the beocreate. Mute(4) and Output voltage limiter (5) is removed on both beocreates.

Any ideas or advice?


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