Does Hifiberry DAC2 HD support full MQA decoding?

I am running Volumio with a Tidal Hifi subscription on a Raspberry Pi 4 with the Hifiberry DAC2 HD. The latest development release of Volumio provides a setting to either use MQA or not with the Tidal audio source. With MQA enabled a 96kHz/24bit source is played at 48kHz/24bit indicating incomplete MQA decoding. I think Volumio relies on the DAC for the initial unfolding but idk.

Disabling MQA I then get, for the same 96/24 source, output of 44.1kHz/32bit. Some of this could be an issue with Volumio. In order to understand my setup better, I want to know if my DAC supports full MQA decoding. Thanks for any info.


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