ADC Recording stutters when Ripping Vinyl

I have a hifiberry DAC PLUS ADC pro card connected to a raspberrypi model 4b. (2GB RAM).
It is running Linux 4.19.118-v71.

I am running Audacity on the Hifiberry via X11 forwarding from a windows 10 laptop (Xming). The network connection is via Ethernet LAN. Attempting to rip Vinyl records is successful but there are gaps in the recording. It's as though the writing out to a file is not being done fast enough so that the parts of the incoming recording is lost. Viewing the Audacity recording display on the laptop shows the pauses in the audio waveform.

Are there any sound card parameters that need adjusting? I hesitate to conclude it is the ethernet transfer which is the bottleneck. My knowledge of Audio sound cards is very limited (one of the reasons for doing this project). Because of practical limitations I am reluctant to run the Hifiberry from a directly connected keyboard/mouse/screen. I would appreciate some advice.


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