Pi4b+beocreate+usbADC. will it work?

Hey there.  Beocreate looks like the right piece of kit for my next pi project. I'm putting together a google home nest hifi  system with phono input support. I have a universal USB ADC to bus audio into the pi. Getting it through the pi, out to the beocreate seems to be bleary in the support documentation. Is this Just a sigmastudio dsp setup I can make go? or is there a clock problem here?  hifiberry os looks fun But I need my libraries and some raspbian normalcy to make my googley python crap for google home work. How different is this? I'll play with hifiberry and google. Kinda showstopperish if I can't make an analog input work. (I'll grab a toslink adc if I have to, but .. another box y'know?)


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