Stereo 2 CX100 2 Beocreate 2 Raspies - TOSLINK?

i am a big fan of upgrading CX100 with your beocreate board.
i startet with a stereo setup - 2 cx100 - 1 beocreate 1 raspie. the 2 cx100 are successfully linked by 'wire' as described in your tutorial. I moved on from there to a double mono setup - so both CX100 are equipped with a beocreate (and raspie). Now i wanna join them back and use them as a stereo-pair again (sometimes life develops not as planned ;-)

Question: would it be possible to build a stereo setup with 2 cx100 LINKED via TOSLINK? Both CX100 are equipped with a beocreate and rapsi

kind regards



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