3B+/DAC+ Light/ext wifi dongle - no bluetooth?


I'm wondering is someone has a method to turn off onboard wifi on a 3b+ yet keep bluetooth functional?

Hardware setup: Pi3B+, DAC+ Light

OS: PiOS Lite (1-11-2021 release), 

Initial Problem: Intermittent Wifi connection.  Switched from onboard wifi to external USB wifi dongle.  WiFi now reliable. Turned off the onboard wifi via config.txt entry "dtoverlay=disable-wifi" which works.  Now trying to add a bluetooth connection. This config entry also kills the bluetooth.

Question: Does anyone know of a method to turn off the onboard wifi, allow the USB wifi AND the Bluetooth to continue operating? 

Specific details: 

I'm setting up a SONOS-like system using snapcast/mopidy/iris running a Debian port (Pi OS Lite headless). I have two snapclients running Pi Zero with DAC+ zero and they are working fine. 

My server is a Pi3B+/DAC+ Light and is also running as a snapclient.  I started having a problem with intermittent wifi during setup when I added the DAC+.  I have found the documentation regarding the interference between the DAC+ and wifi. My attempt to steer my wifi connection to acceptable channels on the 2.4GHz band listed in the blog entry did not work. I'm using a mesh router with the same network name for both bands.  My solution was to add a USB external wifi dongle which was also suggested in the blog entry.  I turned off the onboard wifi by using the dtoverlay=disable-wifi in config.txt.  Unfortunately, the 3B+ hardware apparently ties the wifi and bluetooth enables together and the config also shuts down the bluetooth.  I'm now trying to add streaming bluetooth and am stuck.

The present location doesn't allow hardwiring to ethernet.  If I can't find a software solution, I'll have to set up another Pi Zero and move the server to hardwire to a router and toss the DAC+ Light.





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