Small boombox

Hi all

I got:

  • pi4B 8GB
  • official 7" display
  • Amp2
  • 1TB mSata drive in a delock 42569 USB 3.1 case

I installed raspios on th msata, got kodi running. Next I'dlike to add the amp2 (shouldn't be a problem) and the 7" touch.

Reading the documentation of the amp2 I stumbled upon this text:

The Amp2 integrated voltage converter is powerful enough to power even the new Raspberry Pi 4. Just note that it is not designed to power additional power-hungry USB devices or other hardware. There isn’t a problem with low-power devices like mice, keyboards and similar. There might be even enough power for external hard disks, but the system might become unstable if too much additional current is drawn from the USB boards or the 5V rail on the GPIOs.

I ask myself: Does the Amp2 provide enough power to drive that system?




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